Plan the Correct Action in Quality

"Cloud" based Software for nonconformity management
( CAPA Corrective Action Preventive Action )
Quality Assurance with simple requirements.
Free and open source

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pHKapa, Nonconformity management software for quality assurance. Allows to generate action plan (CAPA) requests that routes through register, review, plan, implement, and verification stages. It provides effective mechanisms to determinate the source and cost of problems.

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pHKapa Features

Covering the main features required.

Nonconformity Tickets

Ticket types, related tickets, advanced restrict access.


Actions, action effectiveness, action types

Ticket and action revision

Track history/revisions for tickets and action records


Internal notification system including email notification.


Who verifies, who modifies, who closes, last modification user, last modification date and some more


pHAlkaline is committed to provide support to all users through our free online resources and other services you may require.


Check out some packs available.


FREE pack
  • Unlimited Users.. Tickets.. Actions
  • Web Installer
  • Document Attachments
  • Advanced Comments
  • Export to CSV format ( Excel )
  • Ticket Report
  • Technical Support
  • Ticket and action revision
  • Lifetime Updates
Requirements : WebServer like Apache 2 or IIS with `mod_rewrite` or similar, * PHP 5.6 or higher, * MySQL 5 or higher
Last Update - pHKapa V1.7


SOD / SAAS From USD $50 to USD $410
  • Unlimited usage
  • Includes All Plugins!!!
  • Cloud Storage 10GB
  • Free Configuration
  • Lifetime Updates
  • Advance Protection
  • 24/7 Customer Service
  • Backup Service
from $50 to $410
EU regions may require tax
pHKapa CLOUD, sometimes referred to as "software on demand" or "SAAS", a model in which pHKapa and associated data are centrally hosted on our servers.

Full Pack

Get FULL PACK for only USD $150
  • Unlimited usage
  • Web Installer
  • Document Attachments
  • Advanced Comments
  • Export to CSV format ( Excel )
  • Ticket Report
  • Ticket and action revision
  • 1 Year Technical Support
  • Lifetime Updates
EU regions may require tax
Requirements : WebServer like Apache 2 or ISS with `mod_rewrite` or similar, * PHP 5.6 or higher, * MySQL 5 or higher

pHKapa Services

Covering the main services required.


For those who have no technical knowledge, a new system can be a task full of complex issues. To this end, we offer specialized services and all the necessary knowledge to quickly put this software at your service.

Customization & New Features

pHKapa was developed on the principle of simplicity for effective management of your CAPAS.
But sometimes you need to customize according to your needs.


For those who want to quickly get the full potential of pHKapa. To this end, there is a training that can be done online ( Skype ).

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