PHKAPA, Nonconformity management software for quality assurance. Allows to generate action (CAPA) requests that routes through register, review, plan ( root cause , action plan) , and verification stages. It provides effective mechanisms to determinate the source and cost of problems.

Features: Actions, Action Effectiveness, Action Type, Activity, Process, Category, Cause, Origin, Priority, Safety, Supplier, Ticket Type, Related Ticket, Simple Workflow, Advanced Access/Restrict to Ticket Stages, History/Revision for Ticket and Action records, Internal Notification system including Email Notification.
Verify Ticket/Action User, Modify Ticket/Action User, Close Ticket/Action User, Last Modification User, Last Modification Date, Registar User and many more

## Requirements
* Apache 2 with `mod_rewrite` or similar, * PHP 5.3 or higher, * MySQL 5 or higher
* Last Update, 8 September 2014 - PHKAPA V 1.1.2



There are typical systems that may cause your organization to spend more working hours than are necessary.

PHKAPA is built on the principle of simplicity for effective quality management of nonconformity with corrective / preventive action process. And it's simple for your IT developer to customize to your needs, thanks to the power of CakePHP.

Don't have IT developer and launching a new system within your organization can also be a daunting task full of complex issues. To this end, we provide expert services and the know-how to help you quickly implement and leverage the full potential of PHKAPA features and functionality.

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Need a PHKAPA as a service (SaaS)?, sometimes referred to as "on-demand software", we can delivery a model in which PHKAPA and associated data are centrally hosted on our servers.

PHKAPA as a service (SaaS)


A successful solution goes beyond great software

It includes correct implementation with reliable and effective on-going support.

PHKAPA team is committed to providing support to all users through our free online resources and a full range of commercial support and services.


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